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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

CHED eyes August opening of classes in public schools

MANILA -- To ensure the smooth implementation of the free quality tertiary education law under the cash-based budgeting system, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said on Tuesday it is considering to move the start of the academic calendar of state universities to August.

In a press briefing, CHED Officer-in-Charge J. Prospero de Vera III said the cash-based budgeting system has noticeable impact in education and infrastructure.
“We are in discussion with the leaders in the Senate to address the concerns in cash-based budgeting. The position of the House is they want a modified cash-based budgeting system, they will look into how RA (Republic Act) 10931’s implementation will be addressed,” he said.
De Vera said CHED plans to move the start of the school year in all state universities to August by 2020.

“We can’t do that now because the classes have started. We move to August as the first semester to synchronize it with everyone because now some public universities open in June some open in August if we move all to August, the first semester ends in December,” he said
De Vera added doing so would allow easier reimbursement of funds to local and state universities and colleges for their semester while their allocation for the next semester will be included in the next fiscal year.
“Right now the problem is the second semester of some public universities start in November then they will submit their reimbursement to CHED by December. It will be difficult for us to process all the papers and reimburse the money by December 31,” he said.
In connection to this, de Vera said RA 10931 requires universities to claim the reimbursement so CHED cannot give them the money automatically.
“It involves evaluation of documents ensuring that only real students are reimbursed and we have a responsibility to take care of public funds,” he said.
De Vera said everything will depend on the final decision on the implementation of the cash-based budgeting system.
Source: PNA

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