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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Clarification About Teachers Clearance

Pursuant to existing rules and regulations. a clearance from property and other accountabilities is required from officials and other accountabilities only in case of transfer, reassignment, resignation, retirement and travel travel abroad.

Considering that the teachers are only on vacation during summer, there is no necessity for clearance. 

Question No 1. Are we required to comply with school clearance at the end of the school year?

BIG NO. Clearance is only required when the teacher undergoes transfer, reassignment, resignation, retirement, an/or travel abroad.
Question No 2. Can the principal and the disbursing officer hold my salary if I could not comply with my teachers clearance?

DEFINITELY NO. Under COA's Principle of Quantum Meriut, the government is required to pay teachers with the services that was already rendered.
Question No 3. If the principal or the disbursing officer holds my salaray because of non compliance with clearance expected from me, what will I do?
Go to the COA auditor in-charge of your school and report the incident. Then invoke your rights under the Principle of Quantum Meriut. The COA then will advise the principal and the disbursing officer to release your salary.

Source: ctto

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